If one of the storylines that came out of the 2018 cycle was the number of suburban U.S. House seats that flipped, then the story of 2020 looks to be the 32 congressional districts that President Trump carried in 2016 but are still occupied by Democratic incumbents. To reclaim control of the House next year, Republicans need to flip 18 or 19 seats, depending on the outcome of the special election in NC-09. The House rarely ever flips control in consecutive elections, but with President Trump back at the top of the ballot, the GOP will likely look to use his reputation to help regain control of the House or at the least gain seats and narrow the Democratic majority. In the run-up to 2020, both parties will be working to discern what the political battlefield looks like, and decide in which districts to play based on the price of running ads across such a broad playing field. These 32 districts – won by Trump but held by Democrats – are some of the most competitive in the nation. NY-18

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