While it may be a slow period for most political advertising, there are a number of issues nationwide that are seeing a large amount of activity. Groups around the country have taken to the airwaves to influence local and national lawmakers on legislation ranging from prescription drug prices to renewable energy. Some of these issues are statewide clashes about legislation, while others have an audience of one. Though issue advocacy campaigns keep a lower profile than impeachment ads, they can still have real, tangible effects on laws, both local and federal. The epidemic of rising prescription drug prices is an issue at the forefront of the national discourse on healthcare. The issue rocketed to prominence with the arrest of Martin Shkreli, the pharma CEO convicted of securities fraud. And calls to remedy the issue have only increased since. One of the proposed solutions involves the importation of foreign drugs. A wide range of groups have run ads opposing this solution. The largest opposition spender is Partnership for Safe Medicines, a group that has been linked to PhRMA, a “powerful lobbying

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