Next week brings a "Super Tuesday" of sorts, with voters in important swing states picking their nominees for Senate and governor. Since we last previewed key races, there have been plenty of twists and turns, especially in Republican primaries in Pennsylvania for Senate and Governor and in the North Carolina GOP Senate contest.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans could land two weak nominees that would be a huge gift to Democrats even amid a tough cycle. And in North Carolina, a former governor who was once the frontrunner is likely to fall thanks to millions spent against him by the Club for Growth. And, after suffering his first endorsement blow in the Nebraska governor's race on Tuesday, former President Trump looks like he'll have another setback in Idaho, where the incumbent governor looks set to prevail over the lieutenant governor challenger that Trump endorsed.

Here's where each of the key statewide races on May 17 stand with just days to go:

Pennsylvania Senate

In the final week of the race, the high-spending Senate contest has been thrown into disarray

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