With just under six months until Election Day, the Senate remains beyond precarious for Democrats. There is no room for error — and if President Joe Biden loses reelection, they will have already lost the majority whether they run the table in all the competitive seats or not.

Given the incredibly favorable map, Republicans have every reason to believe they’ll be in control come 2025. We currently rate seven seats as competitive, and those are all held by Democrats in purple or red states. There is a greater likelihood that Republicans win a decisive majority than of Democrats keeping their narrow one.

With Republicans all but certain to pick up West Virginia’s open seat, they only need to flip one additional seat to secure an absolute majority. Their best opportunities are in Montana and Ohio — states which former President Donald Trump easily carried twice — but those races aren’t complete shoo-ins thanks to strong Democratic incumbents like Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown. Next on the list are the presidential swing states of Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with

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