Three weeks from Election Day, Democrats are now the clear favorite to flip control of the Senate. A drop not only in President Trump's re-election numbers following his disastrous first debate performance and coronavirus diagnosis but also in subsequent downballot GOP surveys paint a dire picture for Republicans across the board at a very precarious time.

"I've never seen it like this before. Republicans are just in trouble everywhere," said one top GOP pollster. "Some of it's Trump and some of it's the Democratic money machine. It's just not a pretty sight. Anywhere I'm polling, the Democrats are either competitive or ahead. It's all bad. There are no shards of good news."

"Two years ago, if I had told you that Georgia, South Carolina and Kansas were going to be competitive Senate races, you'd have asked what I was smoking," remarked another veteran Republican pollster.

Both Democrats and Republicans privately say that they saw about a three to four-point drop for GOP candidates in polling after that lousy week for Trump. Democratic challengers have also announced record

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