“The Democrats won Senate control.” For many, that was the operative conclusion late Tuesday night as it became clear that they were about to flip two seats in Georgia. Indeed, that prospect has framed much of the Senate chatter since the results on Election Day—and earlier.

But, let’s be clear. 50-50 is NOT Senate control.

Of course, 51-50 is control. Likewise, that could be the result any time a roll call results in a tie, with the Vice President in the chair and presiding over the Senate.

That raises multiple points related to a chamber in which each party has 50 Senators (including Independents Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who sit with the Democrats).

Will Kamala Harris, as Vice President, want to be available—at a moment’s notice—to break the tie? No doubt, she will have other responsibilities that will keep her busy and away from the Capitol. It’s not likely that she will want to have her life defined by whatever might be the daily (or hourly) whim of various Democratic Senators. And it’s

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