Despite the fact that this presidential election features the same two candidates as 2020, and an electorate that is as polarized as ever, there are still plenty of uncommitted or softly-committed voters who have yet to settle on their ultimate choice for president.

Many of those voters fall into one or multiple of the three following camps. First, there are the “double haters” — those who dislike both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. National polls show as much as 25% of the electorate falls into this category. Then there are the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. voters, who are taking an average of 9% in national polls. And of course, there are younger voters — especially younger voters of color — who voted for Biden in 2020 but aren’t sold on him this time around.

Thanks to our Swing State Project polling partnership with BSG and GS Strategy Group, The Cook Political Report is able to take a deep dive into the demographics and motivations of these voters in the seven most critically important states for the 2024 election.

Overall, these

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