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House Analyst Erin Covey breaks down the biggest storylines from this week's primary elections — including Rep. Jamaal Bowman's primary loss in NY-16


Welcome to First Person. I'm Erin Covey, the house analyst for the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, and I'm gonna walk through some primary results that we had last night. So last night was a really big night for primaries.

We had big races to watch in New York, Colorado, and Utah, and then South Carolina had a runoff as well, and there was a special election in Colorado's fourth district. So busy night overall. Results came in a little sooner than we anticipated considering two of these states. We're on mountain time, and one state, New York, doesn't have the greatest track record for counting votes quickly.

But we actually got results pretty quickly.

And while I wouldn't say there were any major upsets, there were some races that surprised us a little

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