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Deep in the middle of the primary season, House Analyst Erin Covey details the most critical primaries at the House level to follow, focusing on next week's Virginia and Oklahoma primaries.


Hi, everyone. I'm Erin Covey, the house analyst for the Cook Political Report, and I'm gonna walk us through some, upcoming primaries to watch. We are deep in the middle of primary season right now, so we've had a lot of races already last month in May. And then for the next couple of weeks, we have a couple of really big primary nights. And then we get a break in July, which will be great. And then August, we start right back up again with the primaries.

So, obviously, at the presidential level, things have wrapped up, but there's still quite a few interesting, primaries at the house level that we're following along right now. So next week, Virginia has primaries and Oklahoma has primaries.

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