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There were big developments in the Senate world this week. Ben Cardin's decision to retire set off a hectic race to replace him in Maryland. And further south, Rep. Colin Allred announced a challenge to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, warranting a rating change. Jessica Taylor talks about both races, including potential successors to Cardin and Allred's chances against Cruz.


Hi, I'm Jessica Taylor. I am the Cook Political Reports Senate and Governor's Editor. And it was a really big week, especially for Senate news here. We had our third open Senate seat that came open on Monday with longtime Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, announcing that he was retiring, that this waspretty expected. And we were already seeing people line up to announce for the seat. The first major candidate to get in was Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando, who is African American, businessman, David Trone, who is a congressman from Maryland as well, very wealthy has

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