OH-12: Both Parties' Primaries Going Down to the Wire

Less than a week before Ohio's May 8 primary, uncertainty surrounds both primaries for the August 7 special election to replace GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi, who resigned in January to lead the Ohio Business Roundtable. Republicans remain locked in a bitter air war between state Sen. Troy Balderson and Liberty Township Trustee Melanie Leneghan, while Democratic Franklin County Recorder Danny O'Connor is seeking to stave off a late surge from the left.


If Democrats Are Doing so Great, Why Don't They Have a Bigger Lead on Generic Ballot?

Every day, it seems, another warning light goes off on the GOP’s dashboard, a blinking reminder of their ensuing troubles for 2018. There are a record number of GOP retirements — including that of House Speaker Ryan. Democratic challengers are outraising GOP incumbents. And, of course, there's the most recent under-performance of a GOP candidate in Arizona’s 8th district special election.

New House FEC Reports: Rating Changes in 7 Districts

Speaker Paul Ryan's retirement plans could complicate the House GOP's fundraising math. In 2017, Ryan's joint fundraising committee brought in $44 million and transferred $32 million to the NRCC. His exit could leave GOP donors skittish. But even before last week, Democratic donors had been demonstrating far more enthusiasm on a race-by-race basis, a fact reflected in the newest House fundraising reports.

Ryan Retirement Puts WI-01 at Risk and Throws House GOP Into Deeper Turmoil

Speaker Paul Ryan's announcement that he will not seek reelection to his southeastern Wisconsin district in 2018 (though he will serve out the rest of his term) is a deep blow to his party's morale in its uphill efforts to hold the House majority. It's also not entirely a surprise: when he reluctantly took the speaker's gavel in 2015 under heavy pressure, he couldn't have imagined he would have to deal with a President Donald Trump.

Sorting Through the 2020 Democratic Primary Already (Quietly) Underway

As the midterm elections dominate political news coverage these days, the early machinations by prospective 2020 Democratic presidential contenders are quietly well under way. Indeed, staff and consultants are already being hired by many wannabes, and early states are already scoring visits from potential candidates.

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