In their first briefing of 2021, the Cook Political Report editors updated subscribers on the current state of play in national politics, as well as a preview of the upcoming 2022 midterms. With control of the Senate and House on the line, Jessica Taylor gave a detailed analysis of the key races to watch in the Senate, while David Wasserman explained the political repercussions of the upcoming redistricting for House Democrats and Republicans. Taylor also briefed listeners on the most competitive gubernatorial races of this cycle. Charlie Cook and Amy Walter discussed the national political environment, President Biden’s first months in office, as well as the challenges ahead for both parties going into what is sure to be another fascinating election.

This briefing took place on April 14. We are offering this recording and an exclusive benefit to our members.

Please note, everything said in this briefing is on background only and should not be quoted without the Cook Political Editors' permission.

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