While the presidential primaries are a foregone conclusion, the real excitement is taking place down the ballot. The Cook Political Report invites insider and group subscribers to join Senior Editor David Wasserman, Senate and Governors Editor Jessica Taylor, and House Analyst Erin Covey on May 22nd at 3 PM ET for an off-the-record virtual briefing focused on the upcoming primaries.

With both the House and Senate on the line, the quality of candidates emerging from primaries will have an outsized impact on the competitiveness of elections this fall. Jessica will recap the consequential statewide primaries in Ohio and North Carolina and preview the close general election races in Montana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and elsewhere — and weigh in on whether national Republicans have been successful at avoiding primary pitfalls. Erin will then detail what House races she is monitoring, including the upcoming primaries for competitive districts like CO-03 and VA-07. Following their presentations, David will moderate a subscriber Q&A.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the right analysis for getting it right — directly from the source.