Below is our 2022 Cook Partisan Voting Index (Cook PVI℠) score for all 435 districts.

A Partisan Voting Index (Cook PVI) score of D+2, for example, means that in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the state or district performed about two points more Democratic in terms of two-party vote share than the nation did as a whole, while a score of R+4 means the state or district performed about four points more Republican. If a state or district performed within half a point of the nation in either direction, we assign it a score of EVEN.

To calculate new 2022 Cook PVI scores for all 435 newly drawn districts, we've used 2016 and 2020 election results by district publicly available via Dave's Redistricting App, a free online mapping tool originally developed by Dave Bradlee that allows any user to draw and evaluate district boundaries. The app uses precinct-level election data largely compiled by the Voting Election & Science Team (VEST), a consortium of academic researchers.

Under the new lines, the most Democratic seat in the nation is Oakland, California's 12th CD, held by Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, with a PVI score of D+40. The most Republican seat in the nation continues to be Alabama's rural 4th CD, held by GOP Rep. Robert Aderholt, with a PVI score of R+33. The median House seat is Flint, Michigan's 8th CD, where Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee is seeking reelection, with a PVI score of R+1.

Tip: Clicking on "PVI" on the table below will sort the list from most Democratic to most Republican districts.

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