The chart tracks vacancies, open seats, and potentially open seats in the House. Currently, Democrats hold the majority with 221 seats, while Republicans hold 209 seats. 

Current House Makeup

AK-AL: Don Young (R) died 3/18/22. Special primary 6/11/22, special general 8/16/22.
CA-22: Devin Nunes (R) resigned 1/1/22. Special primary 4/5/22, special general 6/7/22.
MN-01: Jim Hagedorn (R) died 2/17/22. Special primary 5/24/22, special general 8/9/22.
NE-01: Jeff Fortenberry (R) resigned 3/31/22. Special general 6/28/22.
NY-23: Tom Reed (R)resigned 5/10/22. Special election TBD.
TX-34: Filemon Vela (D) resigned 3/31/22. Special election 6/14/22, special runoff TBD if needed.

Open Seats

Note: The listed PVIs are 2022 estimates. For the districts where redistricting remains incomplete, the 2021 PVIs are listed.

Democrat Open Seats (30)


Republican Open Seats (18)


Potentially Open Seats

Democrat Potentially Open Seats (1)


Republican Potentially Open Seats (2)

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