The following Bottom Lines have been updated following this week's primaries in Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennslyvania.


Republican primary voters opted to stay the course by nominating Lt. Gov. Brad Little in the hope that he will succeed retiring Gov. Butch Otter. Little won the nomination with 37 percent to 33 percent for U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador and 26 percent for developer Tommy Ahlquist. The Democratic primary produced a surprise when former state Rep. Paulette Jordan upset businessman A.J. Balukoff, who was the party’s in 2014 against Otter, taking 39 percent. Jordan took 59 percent to 40 percent for Balukoff. As the first Native American woman to win a major party gubernatorial nomination and a favorite of progressives, Jordan is likely to get a lot of national attention and her fundraising may be better than expected. But, Idaho continues to be among the most solidly red states in the country, meaning that Jordan has a steep uphill climb. Little is heavily favored to win the seat. The race is in the Solid Republican column.


Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts

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