The last governors' race of 2019 will be decided tomorrow night, and there have been several encouraging signs for Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards since the runoff last month that he may be able to hang onto his job despite the deep red lean of the state. As I wrote after last month's jungle primary, what kept Edwards under 50 percent and forced him into a runoff with wealthy Republican businessman Eddie Rispone was increased white rural turnout energized by President Trump's election eve rally and lower than needed black turnout. But early voting numbers heavily suggest that Edwards may have fixed the latter. As Louisiana GOP pollster John Couvillon has been tracking, not only was this period the highest ever early vote turnout in the state for a non-presidential year, but it was heaviest in the urban, more African-American areas. In fact, Couvillion noted that "only four other times has the black early vote as a percentage of the total vote ever hit 40% (and three of those times were in 2008, when Barack Obama was first elected)." Overall,

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