Just how narrow was the 2014 House playing field? Our final ratings chart lists just 39 seats as competitive, compared to 57 at this point in 2012 and 100 at this point in 2010. But what's even more startling is that 83 percent of all fall outside spending in House races has been spent in just 25 districts - less than six percent of the House. And, very little of that $230 million has actually moved the needle in these races.

Democrats were expected to have the overall spending advantage in the House thanks to the DCCC's strong fundraising operation. To date, the DCCC has outspent the NRCC $65 million to $62 million. But thanks to the intervention of pro-GOP groups like the Congressional Leadership Fund (Speaker John Boehner's group), the Chamber of Commerce, and the American Action Network, pro-GOP spending has exceeded pro-Democratic spending $119 million to $110 million.

Check out the spending totals below, by district and by group. Six districts have already exceeded $10 million in outside spending: CA-07, MN-08, AZ-01, AZ-02, WV-03, and IL-10.

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