Throughout the 2022 redistricting cycle, we'll be providing a few quick updates on important mapmaking developments in each state. Be sure to visit our "Road Map to Redistricting" for an overview of who controls the process and links to our baseline analysis in each state.

September 24, 2021

On Thursday, Colorado's new 12-member independent redistricting commission released its third of three draft maps prepared by nonpartisan staff. By statute, eight of the 12 commissioners (including at least two of the four unaffiliated members) must vote to submit a final plan to the Colorado Supreme Court for review by the court-ordered October 1 deadline, or else the third draft is automatically advanced.

Overall, these drafts are a coup for Republicans. In June, the commission released a pre-census preliminary map in which five of eight districts would have voted for President Biden by ten points or more in 2020 - likely turning the current 4D-3R map into 5D-3R. But all three of the current drafts feature three safe Democratic seats, three safe GOP seats and two genuinely competitive seats in a

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