Oregon is up next in our redistricting series. Throughout 2021, we'll delve into the states in detail, spotlighting a different state's redistricting outlook each week. Make sure to read our full redistricting outlook.

Current Delegation: 4D, 1R Projected 2022 Seats: 6 (+1) Redistricting Control: Democratic

Current Congressional Map

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District-Level Population Analysis

Redistricting Outlook

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Oregon's congressional delegation has remained basically the same since 1996: four Democrats from west of the Cascades and a lone Republican from the rural 2nd CD covering Oregon's eastern two-thirds. Now, thanks to strong population growth, Oregon is gaining a sixth district in 2022 — forcing a dramatic, high-stakes makeover of its seats that could help determine the balance of power in Congress.

At first glance, it would seem Democrats stand to benefit from Oregon's gain. After all, they hold the governorship and comfortable legislative majorities in Salem, and President Biden carried the state by 16 points last fall. But the reality is more complicated.

First, Democrats' steady

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