Throughout the 2022 redistricting cycle, we'll be providing a few quick updates on important mapmaking developments in each state. Be sure to visit our "Road Map to Redistricting" for an overview of who controls the process and links to our baseline analysis in each state. Also be sure to bookmark our "House Incumbents Most at Risk" interactive to view which seats are in the greatest danger as redistricting unfolds.


On Tuesday, Indiana Republicans released a draft congressional plan that strengthens their grip on seven of the state's nine seats. Nonetheless, Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief: had Republicans been more aggressive, they could have targeted freshman Democratic Rep. Frank Mrvan by splitting up his Gary/Hammond-based 1st CD for an 8R-1D map. But they opted for only minor modifications, keeping his district Biden +8 (down from Biden +9).

The biggest change is in the suburban Indianapolis 5th CD, held by freshman GOP Rep. Victoria Spartz. As expected, Republicans stuffed northern Marion County — which Spartz lost by 29 points last year while winning by four points district-wide — into

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