There’s an odd binary mindset these days about the Democrats in 2016. Either the party will stick with their current frontrunner and standard bearer Hillary Clinton, or the base will rebel and promote the more progressive, “edgier” Elizabeth Warren as the nominee.

A parent with more than one child can love each of their children equally; differently, yes, but equally nonetheless. So, why is it impossible to believe that Democrats can like both women but not feel the need to choose one over the other for the nomination?

Despite all the talk about a “yearning” for a more liberal candidate from the Democratic base, we see no evidence – at least at this point – that liberals are unhappy with Hillary Clinton. She scored an 88 percent favorable rating among “solid liberals” in Pew’s Typology Poll. Compare that to some of the leading GOP candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, none of whom crack 65 percent favorable ratings from “steadfast conservatives.” On Election Day, the national House exit poll found most Democrats supportive of a Hillary Clinton presidency, with

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