For all the talk about the strength of Hillary Clinton’s coalition against Sanders, it’s not much different from the one she put together in 2008. The one (and very important) exception is her strength today among African-American voters. Just take a look at the how well Clinton is polling in North Carolina among African-Americans today versus how she poorly she did with these voters in 2008. Even so, her “base” in the Democratic primary today, looks much like it did in 2008: older, female, Democratic-affiliated voters and Latinos. Younger voters, independents and men who voted for Obama in 2008, now gravitate to Bernie Sanders. If she keeps this coalition together, she wins the nomination. After all, the bulk of the Democratic primary vote is female and Democratic. Non-white voters make up a very significant share of the vote as well and are a crucial part of any winning strategy. Even so, it’s notable that she still has trouble winning the support of younger, non-traditional Democratic voters. One of Clinton’s biggest challenges in 2016 is to prove that she can turn-out

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