No one really won and no one lost. Well, except for poor Gov. Martin O’Malley who seemed to have been given a total of 46 seconds of talking time by the NBC moderators. It was clear from the outset that Hillary Clinton came into the debate determined to put Bernie Sanders on his heels. No one can accuse her of not taking Sanders seriously. She was much more aggressive and confrontational with the Vermont Senator than she’s been in the past, taking every opportunity to confront him on issues ranging from guns to health care to taxes and even to his support of a theoretical primary challenge to Pres. Obama in 2011. Whether she landed any significant blows is unclear, but there was no obvious knock-out punch. Sanders stuck to his typical script of putting populism over politics. While he got a couple of digs in on Clinton - specifically the speaking fees she made off of Goldman Sachs - he once again passed on many opportunities to take harder hits to the former secretary of state. For those who

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