With just under three months to go in election 2016, some things, specifically the Electoral College math, look much clearer. Clinton not only has a decided lead, but she has a deeper, wider path to 270 than Trump does. Then there’s the stuff that makes the election look less stable - the constant campaign staff shuffling by Trump and the never-ending drip, drip, drip of Clinton’s emails. Let’s start with the more clear-cut stuff first. The decision this week for the Clinton campaign to announce an $80M ad buy in just seven states, eight if you include the decision to target Omaha’s 2nd CD - North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa - suggests that they see these states as the most competitive. Notably absent from this list are traditional battleground states like Virginia, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Recent polling has shown Clinton up by the high single or double digits in those three states. Notably the Trump campaign - despite its previous disdain and skepticism of TV advertising - has begun to run campaign ads in four of

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