So, here’s where the race to be the leader of the free world stands today. Sen. Ted Cruz, he who doesn’t back down from a fight, is sitting back and waiting for Donald Trump and Ben Carson to flame out. Bernie Sanders wants to start a revolution but won’t challenge Hillary Clinton’s underlying weaknesses as a candidate. The “young and the restless” Marco Rubio is biding his time hoping for Jeb to crater. In fact, the only person aggressively fighting for the nomination seems to be Donald Trump. He points out his opponents’ weakness in 140 characters or less, and then takes to the TV talker circuit to do it some more. This isn’t to say that the other candidates should mimic Trump’s style or strategy. But, at some point, these other candidates have to do more than hope to field whittles itself down. There’s a reason that they call it a “fight” for the nomination: if you want it, you’ve got to go get it, not hope it comes to you. Hillary Clinton’s frontrunner status in the Democratic primary

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