Talk to many voters these days and you get an exasperated response to the question of who they are voting for this November. “I just can’t vote for Hillary,” they’ll say, “but, Trump? ugh! No way.” There are as many who say the reverse. To be sure, there are pockets of Trump and Clinton loyalists and cheerleaders eager to support their candidate this fall. But, many voters are resigned to the fact that at the end of the day they are voting against someone instead of for someone. The Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies went back to data from 1984 and found no other presidential campaign where a majority of voters are casting their ballot against another candidate. Fifty-six percent of Republicans and the same percentage of Democrats said they are casting their ballot as a vote against the other choice. Just under 40 percent are voting for a candidate. Forget, “which candidate would you rather have a beer with.” This year, many voters are going to base their pick on who “they’d like to THROW a beer at.”

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