At its core, politics is all about timing. Are you the right candidate with the right message at the right moment? At some level, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would seem to be the right candidates for the moment. After all, Republicans have been frustrated since 2008 by two things: 1. Obama's lack of executive/leadership experience and; 2. the lack of GOP control of the White House to roll-back all that Obama has done. Who better to answer that call than a two-term chief executive who has proven he can win in arguably the most important state on the Electoral College map. Clinton is the natural heir to the Obama coalition (we've elected first African American, now it's time to elect the first woman). But, she's also seasoned and tough and won’t be rolled or disrespected by the GOP-controlled Congress. Where Obama disdains the messy process of deal making and schmoozing, Hillary will roll up her sleeves and get things done. Eight years after "hopey, changey," Americans are as frustrated and anxious as ever with the state of the world

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