Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump easily won Tuesday’s New York primary. That was entirely expected and consistent with recent polling. Here’s what the road ahead looks like for the two frontrunners and their closest competitors. 1. Will Sanders settle? Despite his loss last night, Sanders has a lot to be proud of. He has defined the policy terms and terrain of the primary. He’s exposed the serious generational divide within the party. He has gone from an asterisk in the polling to basically tied with Clinton in the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll. And yet, the math simply isn’t there for him to win the nomination. According to our friends at NBC, Sanders would need to win 59 percent of the remaining pledged delegates - and 71 percent of the remaining pledged and super-delegates in order to capture the nomination. This requires Sanders to suddenly catch fire, or have Clinton totally and utterly collapse. Neither looks likely at this point. The most recent polling shows Clinton up double digits in the April 26 primary states of Pennsylvania and

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