Stuff just got real here in Washington. With the introduction of the Obamacare repeal/replace legislation (the American Health Care Act) we are now going to finally find out if an ideologically flexible president who lacks a core governing philosophy (or governing experience) can get an ideologically diverse party with little experience in political power to pass his agenda. While the legislation was drafted in the House, the White House team - from HHS Secretary Tom Price to Vice President Pence to President Trump - is putting on the full-court press to get Republicans to support it.

At first blush, the challenge for Trump looks fierce. The immediate reaction to the ACHA has been, well, universally bad. Conservative groups and leaders have been especially critical, with everyone from the Freedom Caucus, to the Heritage Foundation to the Club for Growth coming out against it. As the New York Time’s Ross Douthat writes, “it’s a bill that nobody on the right much likes: Not libertarians and not reformocons, not right-wing donors and not mushy moderates, not the Tea Party senators who

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