p>In a sit-down interview with the Washington Post, Donald Trump all but admitted that his bombastic, shoot from the lip campaign was running out of steam and he needs a second act. The polls (of which we know he is quite enamored) are showing the same thing. At best he's plateaued. In some places he's dropped. More important, his negatives among non-Republicans are sky-high and he's losing to Hillary Clinton by ten points. In this second act, Trump pledges to retain his unique "Trumpness'" but he'd also start to follow the more traditional rules of the political road such as outlining more policy positions and organizing voters to turn-out at the Iowa caucuses. Ultimately, Trump wants to prove he's more than a flash in the pan. But, in reality, flash is all he's got. In his interview, Trump sounded more like a traditional candidate than the establishment-bashing, polls-be-damned crusader of earlier this summer. He told the Post reporters that he is "publishing a book and planning to roll out policies on reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs and on trade

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