The results of Tuesday’s primary contests brought us some surprises - a Bernie win, a Rubio collapse and a Trump romp. But, it didn’t fundamentally alter the trajectory of this campaign. Hillary Clinton, barring some sort of epic collapse over the next few weeks, is going to be the Democratic nominee. Donald Trump, barring some sort of still unrealized success of the #NeverTrump movement is inching ever closer to winning the nomination outright. Here’s what we know – and what we still don’t – about what happened Tuesday night and what it means for the next big election night on March 15. 1. Theories are great, but they are just theories. Since the very beginning of the campaign all of us, myself included, have had grand theories of how the GOP race will shake-out. Early on, of course, it was that Trump would collapse. When that didn’t happen it was that Trump had a ceiling. As that ceiling got higher – going from 25 percent to 35 percent – the theory was that the field would start to coalesce behind

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