The GOP CNBC debate on Wednesday was ultimately designed for and about the GOP establishment in both the kind of questions asked and the way in which they were asked. And, that, not surprisingly, did not go over well with either the candidates - especially those in the non-establishment lane - or the audience. Given the outrage that isalready bubbling up in GOP media circles, it's hard to know if the candidates themselves will be remembered/discussed as much as the moderators themselves. That said, here's what I saw as the most important takeaways from the night: 1. Marco Rubio proved that he is worth the hype as the "establishment" frontrunner. He is just very, very good on a debate stage. He is quick on his feet. He is nimble. But, most important, he is relentlessly on message. He took every question thrown at him - whether it was on his tax plan or his personal finances - and related it back to either hismiddle-class roots or a story of another "regular" person. 2. Jeb Bush once again failed to impress.

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