In a year that saw the most political spending of all time, the question on the minds of many campaigns was “How do we cut through the noise and put our message in front of voters?” The media landscape is increasingly crowded, and campaigns have multiple options for where to spend their ad dollars. This means that smart spending across various platforms is a must in order to maximize a campaign’s ROI and reach the right audiences. During the 2020 Presidential election, the Biden campaign invested in new strategies that let them reach a wide swath of voters for a decent price in a saturated market.

In Phoenix, the most expensive presidential market of 2020, the Biden campaign utilized an innovative method to match voter files to set box top data for deep insights at scale. The results of this study showed that buying deeper networks delivered significant audience size, on top of efficient pricing. In the words of Chris Huttman, head media buyer and strategist at Media Buying and Analytics for the campaign “Incorporating these additional networks with a

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