Coming off of a commanding victory in Nevada, Bernie Sanders looks to be a strong frontrunner heading into Super Tuesday. His prodigious fundraising ability has allowed him to run television ads weeks before the primaries, while his opponents have struggled to remain on the air in the first four states. This fundraising, along with his skyrocketing polling numbers, has allowed him to focus on building an insurmountable delegate advantage on Super Tuesday.

A sophisticated digital fundraising operation has bankrolled Sanders' efforts. Sanders has spent $14.2 million, the second-most of any democratic candidate (of the non-billionaire variety) on Facebook and Google. He trails only Pete Buttigieg's $14.7 million. And Sanders' digital spending is trending upwards very quickly. Through the end of 2019, Buttigieg had outspent him on digital by $2.5 million. But only two months into 2020, Sanders has turned this deficit around, outspending Buttigieg on digital $5.1 million to $3.2 million.

The majority (79%) of this money has gone into direct response digital advertising — ads designed to build email lists and fundraise. Sanders has spent 10% more

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