The marquee races on June 7 primary ballots are primarily in House races. There are a few statewide races of interest, and there could be some surprises. Here’s a quick recap of what to watch this coming Tuesday in primaries for Senate and governor.

California Governor

Newsom’s biggest hurdle was surviving last year’s recall election, which he did in a convincing fashion with 62% of voters saying he shouldn’t be removed from office. That’s roughly the same margin he won with in 2018 over Republican John Cox.

Major candidates who challenged Newsom in the recall, including Cox and top vote-getter Larry Elder, passed on another bid. There are 25 candidates vying for a slot to challenge Newsom in the fall, with the top two candidates regardless of party advancing to the general election.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle has raised the most money ($1.4 million) and has a longstanding political base in Northern California. Author Michael Shellenberger, who’s running as an independent, is next ($1 million) and could also be worth

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