It’s been just over a month since former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore defeated appointed U.S. Sen. Luther Strange in the GOP run-off in the special election to finish out former U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions’ term. Compared to the frenetic campaign in the weeks leading up to the September 26 run-off, the past few weeks have been relatively quiet, but that doesn’t mean that attorney Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee, hasn’t made progress in the race.

This contest has been in the Likely Republican column since the run-off, which generally means that the Republican is strongly favored, but that there are reasons to keep on eye on the race. The race is now moving to the Lean Republican column. This indicates that Moore still has the advantage in the race, but it is competitive.

Running statewide in Alabama is not an easy task for a Democrat. The last Democrat to carry the state in a presidential election was Jimmy Carter in 1976 when he got 56 percent; four year later he lost the state, taking 47 percent. The next

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