Over the past two weeks or so, the conventional wisdom has developed that former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has opened up a comfortable lead against U.S. Sen. Luther Strange and is likely to win the September 26 run-off for the GOP nomination. That assessment is premature. This is not to say that Strange isn’t the underdog, but he doesn’t trail Moore to the degree that many public polls have indicated, and he does have a path to victory

Pollster Dates/Sample Size Moore Strange Moore Advantage Voter/Consumer Research (R) Sept 9-10/ 604 LV 41% 40% +1 Emerson College (IVR) Sept 8-9/ 355 LV 40% 26% +14 Southeast Research Aug 29-3/ 401 LV 52% 36% +16 Harper Research (IVR)(R) August 24-26/ 600 LV 47% 45% +2 Opinion Savvy Aug 22/ 494 LV 50% 32% +18 JMC Analytics Aug 17-19/ 515 LV 51% 32% +19

Surveys taken immediately after the August 15 primary in which Moore placed first with 39 percent and Strange took 33 percent gave Moore a lead in the high teens. In recent weeks, though, Moore has bore

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