With growing private acceptance (albeit begrudgingly) that President Trump will lose re-election and flipping control of the House vastly out of reach, protecting the Senate majority is seeing new urgency from Republican donors.

It’s a shift both Republicans and Democrats are noticing. In July, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $15 million, their best month of the 2020 cycle, allowing them to outraise the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. However, the DSCC still retains a daunting gap in cash on hand of nearly $24 million.

The major GOP Senate superPAC, Senate Leadership Fund, saw a similar spike over the summer too, bringing in $27 million in July, and just announced this morning that they raised $37.3 million in August, leaving them with $126 million in the bank.

With the Senate as the last firewall for Republicans, big dollar GOP donors who appear to be shifting their focus here. That’s needed to catch up with the massive hauls Democratic challengers have been pulling in for months now, fueled by online small dollar donations. Of course, candidate dollars go

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