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Jessica Taylor looks at the state of the battle for the Senate. She discusses the uphill battle Democrats are facing in 2024.


[00:00:00] Hi, I'm Jessica Taylor. I'm the Senate and Governors Editor here at The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter. And this week we have an extensive look, less than a year out at the Senate map. Now this is just a very, very daunting map for Democrats. They're defending 23 seats to just 11 for Republicans. And of course, a few weeks ago, we had Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democratic Senator, making it official that he will not run for reelection immediately upon his retirement, which was pretty expected. Um, we moved that seat from toss up to a solid Republican. So this is virtually a surefire Republican pickup and one that Democrats don't expect to contest. That means that the map. And the math for Democrats is even smaller. Basically when you look at the

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