First Person is a series of quick videos from the Cook Political Report editors exclusively for our premium members. Jessica Taylor discusses where GOP Senate recruitment has gone well — and where there's still a chance that things could fall apart.


Jessica Taylor: [00:00:00] Hi, I'm Jessica Taylor. I'm the Senate and Governor's Editor at the Cook Political Report. And this week we have a rundown, sort of a post Labor Day look at where the Senate primary stands and all of our eight most competitive states.

After 2022, Republicans in the National Republican Senatorial Committee have taken a very different approach to recruiting candidates, and they have candidates in almost all of their targeted races right now, Wisconsin being the exception. But in every race, except for Pennsylvania, perhaps there are still potentially damaging primaries that loom.

And so the real test now becomes whether Republicans and how much that how they're willing to invest to get their candidates through. So this is really, I think, the linchpin of Republican strategy as they try to win back

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