Amy Walter talked to Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg, a senior partner of the polling firm GQR. Anna and Amy discussed why some polls overestimated GOP strength in 2022. They also talked about 2024 and why Anna thinks that regardless of who the nominee is, the GOP remains defined by Trump.

Want more? Check out Amy's reflection on the interview.

The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Amy Walter: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. It's Amy Walter, editor-in-Chief of the Cook Political Report. You're listening to the Odd Years, a political podcast designed for the off years, literally the odd numbered years where there are no scheduled federal elections.

Last week I talked with Democratic pollster, Anna Greenberg. Anna is a senior partner of the polling firm, GQR, and in 2022, polled for a number of high profile house and Senate campaigns, including Senator Mark Kelly from Arizona, Senator Michael Bennett from Colorado, and Congresswoman Kim Schrier from suburban Seattle.

Anna and I started with a conversation about why some polls, including some by Democrats overestimated Republican strength in

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