Amy Walter talks to Judy Woodruff, renowned journalist and former anchor of the PBS News Hour. Woodruff discusses her new series, America at a Crossroads, which aims to explore the deep divisions in American politics. She talks about her long and distinguished career in journalism, starting with covering Jimmy Carter's campaign for governor of Georgia in 1970. Amy and Judy discuss whether there can be a solution to America's polarization. They also delve into how Judy stays optimistic, covering these divides.

Amy Walter: Well, hello, Judy Woodruff. Thank you so much for joining me for this special episode. Many of our listeners will know Judy from her many stages along, uh, the, the media landscape, most recently at the PBS News Hour.

But Judy, you have left the anchor chair, but you have not left reporting. So I wanna jump right into the new series that you have. Called America at a crossroads, and it is, as you have written about [00:03:00] on the PBS website, the goal is to better understand divisions in American politics. So let's start

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