Next Tuesday is the culmination of a busy May and June primary sprint that has solidified nominees in key Senate and gubernatorial contests. The June 28 primary night is one of the busiest and largest though, before a reprieve for most of July and before the final August/September nominating contests.

Several GOP primaries feature Democrats spending money in an effort to meddle and try to solidify the weaker Republican nominee, further inoculating their incumbents in a difficult political environment.

Here’s a recap of the statewide races we are watching, along with links to our more comprehensive past coverage.

Colorado Senate

For Republicans to have any chance of seriously challenging Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, Joe O’Dea, wealthy construction magnate has to win the GOP nomination and not conspiracy theorist state Rep. Ron Hanks. Democrats have been spending to boost Hanks though, hoping to knock this race off the map even before it fully starts.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Jared Polis is in better shape than Bennet, especially after he became one of the first Democratic governors in

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