For the last seven years, Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan defied political gravity and traditional political stereotypes. But, Hogan’s brand of moderate, anti-Trump Republicanism lacks appeal among the GOP faithful who show up and vote in GOP primaries. Hogan’s endorsed candidate, former Cabinet Secretary Kelly Schulz was defeated on Tuesday by state legislator Dan Cox. Cox’s win, writes Jessica Taylor, takes a race that was already moving out of reasonable territory for Republicans completely off the table. Schulz was the type of Republican who might have kept this race close in a very favorable GOP year, even if she wasn’t able to completely replicate the bipartisan magic Hogan had. But with the Trump-backed Cox winning – and his far-right positions in a state President Biden won by 33 points — this now moves completely off the board and into Solid Democrat.

In the House, writes David Wasserman, Democratic Rep. David Trone (MD-06) will once again face an ardently-pro Trump GOP nominee in his newly drawn competitive district. GOP state Del. Neil Parrott soundly defeated 25-year old Washington Free Beacon

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