Whoever wins the open Arizona governor's race in the fall could play an integral part in the 2024 presidential election, particularly if President Trump runs again and is the party's nominee. Trump has picked former Phoenix local news anchor-turned-conspiracy theorist Kari Lake as his chosen candidate, and sources in the state believe Lake has the edge heading into Tuesday's primary. But Lake still faces a vigorous challenge from Arizona University System Regent Karrin Taylor Robson, who's loaned her campaign $15.2 million out of her pocket.

When it comes to Trump's "Big Lie," Lake has been one of his loudest mouthpieces and would be a more volatile and risky nominee than Robson— though Lake would still run a close race in the general and could win. In November, whoever wins the GOP nomination will likely face Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who has her own baggage.

This Republican primary has also become another proxy fight between Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. With Trump backing Lake, Pence has endorsed and campaigned with Robson, who also has

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