The year 2020 remains turbulent, with a caustic political environment. The looming presidential race has made it hard to focus public and media attention on downballot contests such as those for state attorney general. But a handful of the ten state attorney general races this year have developed enough that we've moved their ratings a notch since our last analysis in June. Two contests have shifted in the GOP's direction, while one has moved towards the Democrats.

After the 2018 election, the Democrats briefly surged into a narrow lead in AG office control, but that lead disappeared with three losses in conservative southern states that held off-year elections in 2019. Today, the GOP holds 26 AG offices to the Democrats' 24. Looking only at elected AG posts, the Republicans also have a narrow edge — 22 Republican offices to the Democrats' 21.

Of the ten elections this year, we rate four of these as solid: Utah for the Republicans and Washington, Vermont, and Oregon for the Democrats. Pennsylvania remains in the Likely Democratic category, while two GOP-held seats are now

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