Former President Donald Trump will likely emerge from May primary contests with a mixed endorsement record. Still, no other loss would reverberate as it will in the Georgia gubernatorial GOP primary.

The incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp became Trump’s public enemy number one after refusing to bend to the then-president’s demands to overturn Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Georgia. For more than a year now, Trump has ranted against Kemp — who he endorsed and helped to victory in the 2018 gubernatorial primary — as disloyal. Given Trump’s power over the party and his deep disdain for Kemp, the governor at first looked like a dead man walking, especially after Trump and his allies wooed former Sen. David Perdue into the contest.

Instead, Kemp has now held a steady and growing lead for the past few weeks over Perdue, who continues to lack meaningful criticisms against the governor other than he believes the 2020 presidential election and his own runoff election loss to now-Sen. Jon Ossoff were both fraudulent.

“David is struggling to find a message outside of

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