While we unveiled our 2023 odd-year governor ratings on Tuesday, the entire two-year cycle encapsulates eleven additional states that will have gubernatorial contests on the ballot in November 2024. As of now, all but one of these states start in the Solid columns, though we expect that to change pending potential retirements. Here is our first baseline look, with our initial ratings, at those races.

Delaware: OPEN (Carney) (D) – Solid Democratic

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one, it’s virtually assured that a Democrat will succeed term-limited John Carney in 2024. Many top names who could run are women, which would give the state just its second female executive. Attorney General Kathy Jennings was just re-elected in 2022 by eight points. Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long could also be looking to move up. And it’s worth keeping an eye on other statewide elected officials, including at-large Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Indiana: OPEN (Holcomb) (R) – Solid Republican

Sen. Mike Braun announced last month that he will run for the open governor’s seat instead of re-election.

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