While the 2020 cycle was a relatively calm one for governors races, the 2022 midterm cycle will feature 36 gubernatorial elections, along with two this year in 2021. Today we are unveiling our initial 2021/2022 governors ratings.

The GOP still has the most governorships overall — 27 Republicans to 23 Democrats — including a pickup of one in 2020 when they flipped the open Montana governor race. In the 2021/2022 cycle, Republicans will be largely on defense, with 20 races on the ballot compared to 16 for Democrats (and two in the off-year). But after flipping seven races in 2018, Democrats will also have several crucial first-term incumbents to defend. Our new At-A-Glance page below highlights some names to watch in each state, but it’s far too early for top names to emerge in most races.

2021/2022 Governors Ratings

Currently, there are eight open seats. At least two for each party should easily remain in their column — Arkansas and Nebraska for Republicans and Oregon and Hawaii for Democrats. And Democrats are also favored in the Virginia

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